A sign is posted on the fence of a baseball field.

Code Enforcement

  • Inspections (Residential, Commercial)
  • Engineering
  • Floodplain Management
  • Demolition (Condemned Property)

Code Enforcement Ordinances



Flooding Ordinance

Burning Ordinance

Sign Ordinance

Zoning Ordinance (Setbacks, Residential, Commerical, Etc.)

Garbage/Construction Ordinance

Public Parking Ordinance

Noise Ordinance

Junk Vehicle Ordinance

Condemnation Ordinance

Animals in City Ordinance

Electrical Ordinance

Plumbing Ordinance

Building Ordinance (Permits)

Coin-Operated Machines

Graffiti Ordinance

Beer Sales

Peddlers Permit to Sell

Curbs and Gutters Ordinance

Weedy Lot Ordinance

Water Utility Ordinance No. 1258

Household/Commercial Garbage Ordinance No. 1259